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More Illustrations!

We’ve received so much feedback from our readers that you love the inside illustrations, that we’ve decided to add even more for book 2! We now have nineteen beautiful color illustrations, and just looking at them all together is inspirational. We’re so excited to share them with all…


Television Spot


In other news, we were in the news! Our local Bozeman bookstore Isle of Books has dozens of copies in stock, and ABC/FOX news put us in a little news spot across the state of Montana. Fun! Next goal, to get some national coverage. 😎 View the interview…


How a Dragon Could Help…

Amber and her friends are facing a challenge beyond their imagination. An enormous goblin army driven by powerful wizards is making its way into the Kingdom of Arendon, bent on destruction. With their wizard friend Sage missing, and no other ideas, they decide to look for a giant…


Bozeman Father-Daughter Duo Writes, Publishes Fantasy Novel


We made it into the local Bozeman newspaper! The full article can be read here.


Book Launch, Sale, & Housekeeping

A handful of friends and supporters joined us on our nearly finished patio for a book launch gathering at the end of June. Folks were greeted with stacks of books, a full print of the map and cover, some details of the back-story, and a reading from Celia….


The Day the Books Arrived

There’s nothing quite like finally having half a dozen heavy boxes show up at your doorstep, filled with books you’ve written.  It was almost 8pm and the dog started barking. Celia, who’d been waiting all day, dashed to the front door and started jumping up and down. The…


We did it!

Thanks to all our backers. This project was a huge success. We are humbled and blessed by the response. Celia and I were talking about it before bedtime last night and she said, “Just wait! They haven’t even read it yet!” 😀 So, what’s next. Some of you…


Kickstarter almost over. NEW hardcover with color interior available

Woohoo! The Kickstarter has been highly successful, and will be wrapping up tomorrow. Thanks to all who supported us this early. We have discovered a NEW option, for hardcover copies with color inside illustrations and map. SO great, and we’ve added it to the Kickstarter. When this is…


Support our project through Kickstarter I am pleased to announce that our Kickstarter is live April 14th! There are so many ways to support us, and all are appreciated. Woohoo! We’re finally there!  🕺


Our Inside Illustrator is Creating Beautiful Scenes

We took awhile to find the illustrator for the inside pictures, but now with the book so close to being published, there’s no more time to delay! We found Olena Bushana online, since she lives in the Ukraine, and her watercolors are capturing scenes from the book magnificently….