Crodor the Ancient
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Book 2 of The Elementalists

Crodor the Ancient, book 2 of The Elementalists


Phoenix Rising
Book 1 of The Elementalists

Phoenix Rising, book 1 of The Elementalists


Kickstarter cover - Crodor the AncientThe evil is coming.

Powerful wizards have banded together in a diabolical scheme to take over the world. And they’re willing to trample anyone who stands in their way.

When a strange creature attacks Amber’s sleepy village and burns one of the fields, the townsfolk prepare for the next assault. But the mischievous pixies in the nearby forest pull Amber from the town meeting and give her a different goal.

Armed only with her archery skills and a pixie nudging, 12-year-old Amber bravely sets out to discover why this is happening and how to stop it. 

But her journey becomes far more important than imagined. The attack seems to be a small part of a greater diabolical plan. One that could cost innocent lives and push Amber to the frontlines of the battle.

She’ll need help from new friends Basil and Theo, insights from a hard-to-find wizard, and knowledge of ancient powers capable of matching the encroaching evil. Otherwise, the peaceful world she knows may disappear forever.

An epic coming-of-age fantasy adventure for young and older readers alike!

Fans who love Young Adult epic fantasies like Wings of Fire and Percy Jackson will love this novel, Book 1 in The Elementalists series. 


About the Authors

Ephie & Celia Risho

Ephie (aka Dad) has been writing his whole life, inspired by his sixth grade teacher to write a story every week. He loves the outdoors, music, and social gatherings, and finds time to write in any free moment! He’s lived in Vermont, British Columbia, Costa Rica, and at the time of writing this book, Montana, where he grew up.

He started writing this book when Celia (aka daughter) was nine and full of ideas. Celia was born in Vancouver, Canada, and being raised in the mountains of Montana, where school field trips could include skiing, visiting caves, ghost towns or famous geysers. An avid reader herself, she usually packs a novel with her wherever she goes, and creates new story ideas constantly. At the time of this writing, not only are five books in this series planned, a whole new series is partially formed in her mind!


“A tale that lays steady groundwork for a YA epic to come.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Fast paced adventure in a fantasy world full of magic and lore.”

“There’s action and magic from page one. . . We can’t wait for the next installment of Amber’s adventures!”


“If you start this book, I predict you will finish it in nearly no time at all, like it is magically unfolding before you.”


“Enjoyable, Entertaining, Engaging!”


“I reached the end of the book, hungry for more. Can’t wait for the next in the series!”



The Joys of Late-Night Editing

Thank you all for supporting our efforts for book 2!  The Kickstarter was successful, and now the hard work of finishing up the book begins. I was up late last night going through Celia’s scrawled notes in the margins of the proof copy, making final changes to the…


Last edits underway!

A couple of days ago Celia did a little jig and yelled out, “Dad, I’m done!” I dashed up the stairs where she proudly held a marked-up copy of our second novel. Every chapter had comments, words crossed out, or doodles, especially on top of the inside illustrations….


Bozeman father-daughter writing duo prepare to launch their second fantasy novel

There’s an article about us in the Bozeman Chronicle today.


Book 2 Kickstarter Has Begun!

Kickstarter cover - Crodor the Ancient

Celia and I have launched the crowdfunding page for Crodor the Ancient. That means the books will be delivered by late-March or early-April. Hang onto your hats! We’re almost there. 😀


An Ancient Dragon Among Us

After years of effort, book 2 of The Elementalists is within our grasp. Literally! The proof copy arrived today. And it looks great!!! What does this mean for all of you? Well, it means we’re almost ready to launch our next Kickstarter, and get book 2 published and…


More Illustrations!

We’ve received so much feedback from our readers that you love the inside illustrations, that we’ve decided to add even more for book 2! We now have nineteen beautiful color illustrations, and just looking at them all together is inspirational. We’re so excited to share them with all…


Television Spot


In other news, we were in the news! Our local Bozeman bookstore Isle of Books has dozens of copies in stock, and ABC/FOX news put us in a little news spot across the state of Montana. Fun! Next goal, to get some national coverage. 😎 View the interview…


How a Dragon Could Help…

Amber and her friends are facing a challenge beyond their imagination. An enormous goblin army driven by powerful wizards is making its way into the Kingdom of Arendon, bent on destruction. With their wizard friend Sage missing, and no other ideas, they decide to look for a giant…