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Amber, Basil and Theo are in a panic.

A massive goblin army is preparing for war, intent on destroying human cities, and the people of Arendon are terrified. Why have the goblins left their mountain homes? And what can be done to stop them?

When the three teenage friends with budding elemental powers realize they’re up against not just goblins, but the evil wizards controlling them, they scramble for ideas. With Sage the wizard missing, they decide the unthinkable. They will seek to make an ally out of the ferocious red dragon that’s been terrorizing the countryside: Crodor the Ancient.

But even if they find the dragon, and break the enchanting spell that has turned it evil, will it help them? And will it be enough against the evil forces that are approaching? To stand even the slightest chance, they’ll need to grow in their powers, and get the help from allies far and wide. Even with the best of help, the enemy has secret strengths and strategies of their own. And an ancient prophecy eludes them with mysteries that are waiting to be unlocked.

Can they solve the riddles of the prophecy in time? Can they muster a strong enough defense? If they don’t, life as they know it will change forever.

Books in The Elementalists series

Book 1: Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising, book 1 of The Elementalists

Phoenix Rising, book 1 of The Elementalists


Book 2: Crodor the Ancient

Crodor the Ancient, book 2 of The Elementalists

Crodor the Ancient, book 2 of The Elementalists


About the Authors

Ephie & Celia Risho

Ephie (dad) has been writing his whole life. Inspired by his sixth-grade teacher to write a story every week, he enrolled in the writing program at his undergrad and has been writing ever since. He loves the outdoors, music, and opportunities to tell stories. He lives in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, where he works in software development and is active in various community groups.

Celia (daughter) is an avid book lover and packs a novel with her wherever she goes. She developed the book series idea at age nine inspired by a 3rd grade writing assignment. She was born in Vancouver, Canada where her first two syllable word was hockey”! She, along with her brother, is being raised in the mountains of Montana, where she enjoys art projects, performance art, and her dragon figurine collection.


“A tale that lays steady groundwork for a YA epic to come.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“If you start this book, I predict you will finish it in nearly no time at all, like it is magically unfolding before you.”


“Fast paced adventure in a fantasy world full of magic and lore.”


“I reached the end of the book, hungry for more. Can’t wait for the next in the series!”


“Enjoyable, Entertaining, Engaging!”


“There’s action and magic from page one. . . We can’t wait for the next installment of Amber’s adventures!”


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