Phoenix Rising, a new YA fantasy novel

Book 1 of The Elementalists

Phoenix Rising is the first book in The Elementalists Saga, a YA fantasy series following Amber and her friends on epic adventures.

This website journeys with the father/daughter team of authors, Ephie & Celia Risho, as they go through the epic journey of publishing their first book together!

Phoenix Rising, book 1 of The Elementalists
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About the Authors

Ephie & Celia Risho

Ephie (aka Dad) has been writing his whole life, inspired by his sixth grade teacher to write a story every week. He loves the outdoors, music, and social gatherings, and finds time to write in any free moment! He’s lived in Vermont, British Columbia, Costa Rica, and at the time of writing this book, Montana, where he grew up. 

He started writing this book when Celia (aka daughter) was nine and full of ideas. Celia was born in Vancouver, Canada, and being raised in the mountains of Montana, where school field trips could include skiing, visiting caves, ghost towns or famous geysers. An avid reader herself, she usually packs a novel with her wherever she goes, and creates new story ideas constantly. At the time of this writing, not only are five books in this series planned, a whole new series is partially formed in her mind!