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A Canoe Showed Up in Our Yard

Ephie and family rafting in Hurricane Hilary

It was a crazy big windstorm, the kind you only get in places like Montana where it blazes off the mountains and takes out everything in its path. We scrambled as it came in, trying to save our old wooden fence (we didn’t) and the trampoline (partly successful)….


Writing a Different Sort of Book

Right at the turn of the year, Celia told me she no longer wanted to work on the books with me. Devastated, I asked a dozen questions, but the more we discussed, the more it made sense. Celia, at 14, has simply moved on, and has other priorities. …


‘Just Keep Writing’

A great article about us was in the Bozeman Chronicle last week. Enjoy! We‘ve been selling our books locally, at the MADE fair in Bozeman, at the local bookstore, and upcoming at the two next MADE fairs in Helena and Missoula, MT. If you‘re around, we look forward…


Watch out! You might see a Kraken coming your way. 😉

One thing I’ve learned about self-publishing, everything takes longer than you wish it would! Between signing, organizing who gets what, packing them up with mailing labels, and taking up two lines at the post office (and feeling guilty about it!), we finally have sent out everybody’s copies of…


Ten days left

Our Kickstarter finishes on August 15th and we’re about a quarter of the way there. If you want to support us getting out book 3, now’s the time! Also, just a note to say we really do rely on our readers to keep writing and publishing these books,…


Book 3 Ready for Pre-Orders

After a year of hard work, we’re finally ready to start pre-selling book 3: Secret of the Kraken. Visit our Kickstarter page for more info and to support the effort. (you’ll also get to see Celia’s new hobby – animation!)


A Torrential Storm

Sometime before it grew dark, an enormous wind pounded into our valley, sending our pets scampering under tables and the kids wide-eyed at the windows. We live in the Rocky Mountains, so we don’t get big tornadoes or hurricanes, but this was about as big as it gets….


Dining with a Satyr Chef

Secret of the Kraken, chapter 1

As Celia and I sat at the booth of the Montana MADE fair, selling books 1 and 2 from The Elementalists to hundreds of strangers, we had a moment of quiet where she put her forehead on her hands and said, “I’m too tired!”  It was true. Every…


Book launch and beyond


After a day of sweeping, mowing, moving outdoor furniture, and preparing for any weather (it is Montana after all), we felt ready for the launch party. Michelle spent the entire day cooking up a feast, while the kids and I focused on the outdoor scene. A few blisters…


It gets easier


Last year, by the time we finally shipped book 1 we’d gone from noobies to veterans. Now we know you can ship a book in the US for under $5, but crossing the border puts it over $20. And don’t go into the post office on Mondays or…