Ephie (dad) has been writing his whole life, inspired by his sixth grade teacher to write a story every week. He enrolled in the writing program at his undergrad Middlebury College and has been writing ever since. He loves the outdoors, music, community, his family and telling stories. He’s lived in Vermont, British Columbia, Costa Rica, and at the time of writing this book, beautiful Bozeman, Montana where he works in software development.

Celia (daughter) is an avid book lover, and packs a novel with her wherever she goes. She developed the book idea at age nine inspired by a writing assignment. She was born in Vancouver, Canada where her first two syllable word was “hockey”! She and her brother are being raised in the mountains of Montana, where she enjoys sewing, 4H, performance art, and visiting hot springs. At the time of this writing, not only are five books in this series planned, a whole new series is partially formed in her mind! 

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