After a day of sweeping, mowing, moving outdoor furniture, and preparing for any weather (it is Montana after all), we felt ready for the launch party. Michelle spent the entire day cooking up a feast, while the kids and I focused on the outdoor scene. A few blisters later, the back patio of our house felt magical.

Dozens of people trickled in. Some were afraid the thunderstorms on the other side of the valley would hit us, but we were blessed with perfect weather, besides a little sprinkling that came and went. The newspaper reporter couldn’t make it, but the owner of the local bookstore did, and asked for another box. “We sold out of copies of book 1!” she told us.

During our speeches, we asked if anyone had started reading Crodor the Ancient yet, and two boys raised their hands. Both said they’d finished it in two days, and that they liked it even more than book 1!

We also heard from another friend via email: “I got the book one day, and read it the next! It was so good, thank you!!!”

It gives us so much pleasure to know how well received the books are. Between the book launch party and a subsequent event, we’ve sold out of nearly every copy we’d ordered. What amazing support! One friend said they have a connection in the TV industry and will pass the two books along. We can only hope that one day these books will be read far and wide. And you supporters helped us get there. 

We still need online reviews, so for those of you who are able to read it right away, please consider doing that for us. It makes a world of difference. They say the magic number is 15 reviews on Amazon, for some reason. After that, the book holds credibility to someone who sees it for the first time.

If anyone who ordered a copy through Kickstarter still hasn’t received theirs, please let me know and we’ll look into it. Last year we did have some issues with the mail service.

Now that book 2 is finally launched, Celia and I have been working on book 3 again. It has a different flavor than the first two books, and we think it has the potential to be our best book yet! It’s called Secret of the Kraken, because there’s an important mystery to solve. Stay tuned!

And embrace the adventure!

Ephie & Celia at the book launch of Crodor the Ancient, June 2021
Protecting the books from rain
Book launch table setup