Phoenix Rising launch party
Celia Risho, reading an excerpt from Phoenix Rising at the launch party, June 2020

A handful of friends and supporters joined us on our nearly finished patio for a book launch gathering at the end of June. Folks were greeted with stacks of books, a full print of the map and cover, some details of the back-story, and a reading from Celia.

It feels like the climax of the story of our personal journey as new authors. An idea that I’ve nurtured over thirty years, and Celia dreamed into being has now come to life and is sitting in many of your hands right now!

All the paperback copies have been mailed at this point, except the schools and libraries. If for some reason yours doesn’t show up in the mail in the next week or two, let us know! This is not our normal profession and we may have made a mistake.

The hardcover versions are taking a LONG time, and although I wish I could promise something quicker, the publishing house that is delivering them is overburdened right now, and way behind on their schedule. We’re sorry, and we also know you won’t regret it. We got a proof copy and they’re going to be amazing!

As a thank-you to everyone we’re offering a limited time sale of the Kindle version on Amazon for $0.99. If you do feel it in you to give us a review on Amazon, buying a verified copy from them helps quite a bit. We’ve been told that new books need 15+ reviews in order to start showing up on things, so if you feel inspired, please follow that instinct! 😀

We wish you all the best, and the rest of our mass updates will be on our website, so if you want to keep following us, sign up there!

May your paths be bright.

Ephie & Celia Risho