A couple of days ago Celia did a little jig and yelled out, “Dad, I’m done!”

I dashed up the stairs where she proudly held a marked-up copy of our second novel. Every chapter had comments, words crossed out, or doodles, especially on top of the inside illustrations.  “Let me see.” I flipped through the pages and laughed at the spiky hairdo she added to the phoenix, as well as speech bubbles on people nearby: “Aaaaaah!”

Some of the comments were helpful: “Needs more emotion.” Others I completely didn’t understand. “What’s this one?” I asked.

“Oh, Dad. Baltor is a stupid name for a dragon. We need to rename it.”

“Huh. I liked it.” I laughed and flipped more pages.

We’ll be wrapping up the project soon! Which brings me to why I’m writing. We need more support! Please share this Kickstarter with anyone you think might be interested. At the end of the day, it’s the community that reads the book that makes it come to life. So, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you. 😀

Celia with proof of book 2
Celia with the proof of book 2, Crodor the Ancient