One thing I’ve learned about self-publishing, everything takes longer than you wish it would! Between signing, organizing who gets what, packing them up with mailing labels, and taking up two lines at the post office (and feeling guilty about it!), we finally have sent out everybody’s copies of the books!

For those who have digital downloads, if you own a Kindle you can plug the Kindle into your computer and drag-and-drop the .MOBI file onto the Documents folder. Easy-breezy!!!

For everyone else, I truly hope I was organized enough to send you want you wanted. If something isn’t right, just let me know and we’ll get it sorted.

For those who are close to Bozeman, Montana, we’re having a launch party tomorrow (Saturday). If you’d like to join, email me. At this point, we just love meeting our fans, and Michelle is making a Greek feast (notice the island theme to go with the underwater adventure?).

Thanks for all the support. We sure do love writing these books, and you keep us inspired to keep at it. Also, when you finish reading, it goes a LONG way if you write a review on Amazon for us. For any of the three books.

Keep finding the adventure.


Ephie & Celia signing books
Joshua helping with books at the post office
Ephie & Joshua with Secret of the Kraken!