Thanks to all our backers. This project was a huge success. We are humbled and blessed by the response. Celia and I were talking about it before bedtime last night and she said, “Just wait! They haven’t even read it yet!” 😀

So, what’s next. Some of you have already messaged me that you or a friend missed the deadline for changing or adding things. No worries! You can email me at and we can make arrangements for anything privately. It won’t be reflected on the Kickstarter, but we’ve already had hundreds of dollars that aren’t reflected there — it’s all ok! 

Celiasaurus Rex (C-Rex)

We plan on sending the book to print next week. We’re waiting on getting final name changes from the backers who selected that option of support, and we’ll look over one last physical proof on the weekend. So… if all goes according to plan we’ll be ready to send them out before May is over. One thing we didn’t realize is Kickstarter takes 2 weeks to process all your payments, so that will realistically be the date we send things.

For those who ordered hardcover books with color interior (or who want to now switch!), those will take significantly longer turnaround time, so don’t expect them till late June or early July. 

For the launch party, we’re waiting to see what happens on restrictions in Montana. I’ll reach out to you all individually to coordinate a good date.

Thanks again. 

Ephie & Celia Risho