Book 3 – Secret of the Kraken – signed paperback


A signed paperback copy of book 3 of The Elementalists!

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A lost scepter. An ancient map. And the Kraken.

It’s simple, they were told. Just go get the legendary Green Scepter from the Kraken to be able to take on the evil wizards and their vicious goblin armies. It’s a task, by the way, no one has succeeded in for the last two hundred years. After their great success against the goblin horde, the six young elementalists are up to the challenge. The first step: find an ancient dwarven map with clues leading across the world.

But as soon as they find the map, their troubles begin, starting with invisible strangers following their every move. Even if they do follow the map from Dragon Land to exotic empires, and succeed in taking the scepter from the Kraken, the evil wizards are moving quickly with plans of their own. Plans which very well may put the entire world at risk, and change life as they know it forever.