Book 4 – The Twelfth Scepter – signed hardcover


A signed hardcover copy of book 4 of The Elementalists, with inside color illustrations and map.

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In a race against time, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a group of young elementalists. With the malevolent White Queen on the verge of obtaining unimaginable power, the brave heroes must band together to thwart her evil plan. But as they face impossible challenges and formidable foes, they realize the task is far more daunting than they ever imagined. Armed with only their growing magical abilities and unwavering determination, they must stop the queen from finding the hidden mana tower, learn more of the spell itself, and prevent the catastrophic spell from being cast. With two skilled wizard mentors by their side, the elementalists must push themselves to their limits and beyond. But when up against foes who can see into the future and harness otherworldly energies, will their training be enough to save the world from eternal darkness?